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Author/Director: Til Schweiger

MLTC ID: 4125

Media Type: DVD
Language: German

ISBN: B004N6244M
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Kokowääh is set in Berlin and Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany.The plot concerns the travails of Henry (Til Schweiger), an established author of fiction, who must deal with the emergence of his 8-year-old natural daughter Magdalena (Emma Tiger Schweiger), the previously-unknown product of a one-night indiscretion in Stockholm.In the meantime, he is also working on the adaptation of a famous best–selling novel and reconciling with his ex–girlfriend Katharina (Jasmin Gerat), with whom he is working on the adaptation. Little Magdalena, still in the state of shock, loves her foster father Tristan (Samuel Finzi) more than the biological one. Throughout the film, Henry and Magdalena build a close relationship, which he eventually describes in his script "Kokowääh" (referring to the French meal "Coq au vin").

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