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Le Ragioni Dell' Aragosta

Le Ragioni Dell' Aragosta

Author/Director: Sabina Guzzanti

MLTC ID: 5122

Media Type: DVD
Language: Italian

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NOTE: This is a region 2 DVD and will not play on most DVD players sold in the US or Canada], or on Microsoft Media Player. This item requires a region specific or multi-region DVD player, or an application such as VLC Media Player that ignores region codes.

The actors of "Avanzi" (a cult Italian satirical television show of the 90s) reunite after 15 years in Su Pallosu, a small village in Sardinia. They have decided impromptu to put together a show to support the cause of the local fishermen who are in great distress because of fish depopulation. Among the fishermen theres Gianni Usai, an ex FIAT worker and ex labor leader, a man who has spent his life in rectitude, always poor, always dedicated to the protection of his comrades. His presence is of great inspiration and breeds the necessary enthusiasm to start, but that enthusiasm lasts shortly and leaves doubts of all sorts

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