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MLTC Lab (01-3263)


The Modern Languages Technology Center lab is used by students and professors to aid classroom learning. Featuring 24 student machines and a professor's podium, the room is also outfitted with many multimedia features. The room features a high resolution projector with speakers connected to a multitude of AV devices through the podium, allowing access to Foreign Language Satellite TV, CD, DVD, VHS, and more.

The lab software consists of many Modern Languages specific programs, including many Foreign Language Keyboards, IME's and text input systems.

Access to the lab is restricted to Modern Languages students, or those currently enrolled in a Modern Languages class.

The lab is primarily used for classes, however the MLTC Main Lab also has "open hours" whenever a class is not currently in session. During open hours, the lab is still restricted to Modern Languages Students, or those currently enrolled in a Modern Languages Class. Please check the Lab Schedule for more information.

ML faculty can request a room reservation