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MLTC Lounge Area

The MLTC Lounge area is a place where all Modern Languages and Cultures students are welcome to study, converse, or meet. Located in the main Modern Languages office area, adjacent to the Adjunct Area, the MLTC Lounge area has no classes, and therfore is open to students during normal business hours all day.

The MLTC Lounge area is home to 4 computers loaded with all of the Modern Languages software packages, as well as two Foreign Language TV's broadcasting the MLTC Worldwide Television Lineup. It has several study tables, and other areas to congregate. Many professors can be found coming in and out throughout the day.


The MLTC Study Lounge is home to the following technology equipment

  • 4x MLTC Machines, loaded with Software
  • 2x MLTC Televisions, broadcasting the MLTC Worldwide Television Lineup
  • 2x VCR/DVD Combo players, for watching Videos.