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MLTC Movie Streaming Service

Watch Movies Anytime

Some of the titles in the MLTC library are viewable from anywhere (not just the MLC) via streaming to your browser. Streaming works with the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows, and the Safari browser on the Mac. It is not currently supported on Chrome, nor on the Macintosh versions of Firefox.

If a movie is available for streaming, the MLTC catalog listing for that title will have a button that looks like this:

Streaming requires the Silverlight browser plug-in, which is available from the Silverlight web site. After you have downloaded and installed the plug-in, click the button to play the movie from your browser. If you are prompted for your username and password, just enter it as you normally would.

The streaming server sends the movie to your browser as fast as your network connection will allow. When you first start the movie, it will take 10 or 12 seconds to figure out how fast that is. During that time, the image may appear a bit fuzzy. This is normal and the picture should clear up within a few seconds. Most of the time, it happens on a title or logo screen, and you won’t notice it at all.

Copyright considerations require us to restrict access to this service to currently enrolled RIT Language students. So in order to view movies from the streaming library, you must be enrolled in a language course associated with the language of that film: i.e., only current French students can view French films, only current Italian students can view Italian films, etc. If you are an RIT student, faculty or staff, and you want to watch a film from the library but don't meet this specific enrollment requirement, email the MLTC System Administrator. We can usually grant an individual RIT student, faculty or staff member temporary access to a specific movie.

Eventually, all movies in the MLTC library will be available via streaming. In the meantime, if the movie you want to see is not currently available or if you need a movie played with or without specific subtitles, please email the MLTC System Administrator with that request. If the movie or subtitle track is available to us, we will make it available for streaming.

NOTE: Language instructors will sometimes assign movies to their class that are not part of the MLC library.  The button to stream these movies can usually be found under the "Course Materials" section of that language's MLTC Web Site menu.  Ask your instructor to show you where it is if you cannot locate it.