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Play a DVD with a Different Region Code

DVD's manufactured and sold in regions outside Region 1 (United States) will typically not play in most US DVD player(s) due to region restrictions. All of the MLTC Lab machines have a program installed that can help to bypass this region restriction when necessary.

Please note that Region Restrictions aren't a form of copyright, and are therefore not protected under copyright law. It is not illegal to bypass a region restriction.

To Play a non Region 1 DVD in an MLTC Computer, simply insert it into the DVD Player as normal.

1. When the "autorun" dialog comes up, cancel/close it.

2. Navigate to Start -> Computer

3. Right Click on the DVD Drive and then click on "Play with VLC Media Player"

4. The disc may take several minutes to "Load" however within a few minutes it should be playing normally.

Please Note: VLC is a Freeware media player available from which has the ability to bypass region restrictions. If you would like, you can obtain your own Free copy at