Polvere di Stelle

Media: DVD
Author/Director: Alberto Sordi
Language: Italian
Subtitles: Italian

Rome 1943. The soubrette Goddess Dani and comedian Mimmo Adami (spouses ) are at the head of a shabby company of vaudeville : get writing and go for a tour in Abruzzo only because no one else wants to jeopardize , in those places torn by war, their lives . After the armistice , the men of the company are imprisoned by the fascists , but the Goddess, giving their thanks to a federal, he attains liberation . Unexpectedly (the ship that was to carry it to Venice, to perform in front of the " Blackshirts " is hijacked by partisans ), the company reaches Bari , chock-full of U.S. soldiers . The taste is not exactly demanding, easygoing , of the latter ( both general and both soldiers ) , and resourcefulness , this facile and not without prejudice, Mimmo and Goddess, allow the company to set up a successful show ( " Stardust " ) in the famous theater " Petruzzelli ." Mimmo and Goddess live their dream of glory and fantasize an even brighter future , moreover , Goddess finds love in the overwhelming soldier John . But the reality is shown in all its rawness when , thanks to the occupation of Rome, has enabled large corporations to reach variety of Bari After the initial disbelief , the two are forced to go back to the capital ( also John, who had promised eternal love is gone ) , to ask, in vain , writings worthy of their " bravery " and finally to live , now derelict, pathetically regrets.


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MTLC ID: 5116