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The Russian Language

Russian belongs to the Slavic family of languages. It uses the Cyrillic alphabet and because it is phonetic, learning to read is not difficult. Some letters resemble those that we use in English. Russian has a rich and interesting literary history. Many people are familiar with Russia's great authors of the 19th century such as Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Chekhov and many others. The study of this language will open up a whole new and exciting world to students.

  • Russian is fun to learn. You will develop a new concept of understanding grammar, since it is so different from English.
  • Russia and former Soviet republics are developing rapidly. Many foreign companies are opening businesses there, and one day you might find yourself working in Russia. Be prepared.
  • Russian people are fun to hang with. Learn Russian to communicate with them and have a good time.
  • Scientists proved that learning a language keeps your mind active and promotes the growth of brain cells.
  • Language courses are different from other courses you take. You will not be asked to write lengthy papers, just to practice daily. We have small groups which will allow you to practice the language extensively and become friends with your classmates.