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Special Topics Courses

The Modern Languages Department offers the following "Special Topics" courses to students. These courses are not offered every quarter, and will not appear on the RIT Course Schedule directly. Please speak to your Modern Languages Faculty for more information.


0525-579 ST: "Screening the Hispanic Caribbean"

Description: This course provides an introduction to Hispanic Caribbean culture through film. We will study the role of film in Hispanic Caribbean societies as well as the unique artistic and technical achievements and obstacles of Hispanic Caribbean filmmakers through class discussion of films, critical essays, lectures, written activities, presentations, quizzes, and a final project. Weekly screenings of required films will be held outside of class hours. Topics covered include: The Basics of Film Analysis; An Introduction to Caribbean History; The Social Context of the Hispanic Caribbean Film Industry; Art and Revolution; Race, Ethnicity, and Religion; Occupation, Dictatorship, and War; Gender, Sexuality and Exile; Transnationalism and Migration and Hispanic Caribbean Film in a Global Context. This course will take a cultural studies approach to the study of film as a social practice. All films have English subtitles. Prerequisite(s): None. Co-requisite(s): None. Quarter(s) offered: Fall. Students may take this course as part of the Spanish minor and concentration, the International Business Major, or the Latino/Latina/Latin American Studies concentration. It may also be taken as an elective. Class 4, Credits 4 (offered occasionally)