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The Time That Remains

The Time That Remains

Author/Director: Elia Suleiman

MLTC ID: 1123

Media Type: DVD
Language: Arabic

Library Resource

Covering the years from 1948 to the present day, writer/director Elia Suleiman s THE TIME THAT REMAINS is a humorous, heartbreaking film that explores life among the Israeli Arab community, shot largely in homes and places in which Suleiman's family once lived. Inspired by his father's diaries, letters his mother sent to family members who had fled the Israeli occupation, and the director's own recollections, the film recounts the saga of the filmmaker's family in subtly hilarious vignettes. An intimate and semi-biographical portrait of Palestinians living as a minority in their own homeland, THE TIME THAT REMAINS is an elegantly stylized chronicle of life s often touching absurdities.

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