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The Way of Life in Japan - Part 1

The Way of Life in Japan - Part 1

Author/Director: NHK International

MLTC ID: 6215

Media Type: VHS
Language: Japanese


A "freeter" is a person who's left school and does a number of jobs for short periods rather than working for one company for life. Freeters first emerged in Japan as a result of changing values amongst young people, and in response to a chronic shortage of labor. Their numbers continue to increase.

Here we meet two freeters: one is a 25-year-old man who dropped out of university in his third year and is now seeking to exploit his full potential via a wide variety of jobs; the other is a 20-year-old woman who came to Tokyo in the hope of becoming an actress and continues to nurture this dream while working part time and living in lodgings.

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