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Curriculum - Professional Tracks

The Museum Studies program has two professional tracks, museum studies and public history. They reflect the competencies identified by museum professionals as increasingly necessary for aspiring professionals in the 21st century.

The museum studies track prepares you to work in a wide variety of settings, including museums, galleries, historical societies and historic sites, archives, and libraries. You will work with curators, exhibit designers and preparators, collections managers and registrars, archivists and librarians. Your museum studies professional core courses will be augmented by a series of management courses.

The public history track will prepare you to work in a wide variety of settings, including museums; local, state, and national government agencies; national parks; science museums; living history museums; historic houses and sites; archives; and local, state, and national historical organizations. Graduates may find positions in a wide variety of fields, such as museums and heritage organizations, historical consulting, heritage tourism, and historic preservation.

Mid-20th century Native American mask