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Frans Wildenhain Exhibition Coming to RIT

Wildenhain Exhibition

Frans Wildenhain, Bauhaus-trained ceramicist, was an RIT faculty member from 1950 to 1970, and was a founding faculty member of the School for American Craftsmen (SAC). Previously established at both Dartmouth and Alfred Colleges, SAC found its final home at RIT, cementing arts education within the Institute's otherwise traditional technical curriculum. While at RIT, Wildenhain helped to advance the craft of ceramics and heighten the prestige of this newly established school.

An exhibition of Wildenhain's work is being hosted at RIT beginning on August 20th, and will continue through October 2nd. The exhibition is the first of its kind, running simultaneously at two galleries on campus: Bevier Gallery, located in the College of Imaging Arts and Science (Frank E. Gannett Hall, Building 7) and National Technical Institute for the Deaf's Dyer Arts Center (Lyndon Baines Johnson, Building 60)

The exhibition, entitled Frans Wildenhain 1950-75: Creative and Commercial American Ceramics at Mid-Century, is also unique in the collaborative nature of its funding. The College of Liberal Arts has provided major financial support for the exhibition. Additional funding within the Institute comes from a number of sources, including other Colleges at RIT, the Division of Student Affairs, the Senior Associate Provost's Office, the Vice President for Research and Associate Provost's Office and many more. The exhibition's website presents a full list of donors, including those in the private sector.

The exhibition will feature a broad array of over 150 pieces of Wildenhain's work, ranging from his signature ceramics to works in other mediums, including sketches and paintings. For more information on the exhibition catalogue, or Wildenhain himself, please visit the event's website.