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Like the short-lived Ephemerella subvaria of the Oatka, the fall quarter has come and gone. Being the last fall quarter at RIT, we should take a moment of silent reflection…and then cheer! As J.R.R. Tolkein wrote: "Begone, foul dwimmerlaik, lord of carrion! Leave the dead in peace!" (Of course, he was talking about the Lord of the Nazgul, and not the quarter system…but the similarity is striking).

This month's newsletter takes a look at some interesting people, projects, and events in the college, as well as a class whose footprint is wider still. In case you missed the November election (and how could you?), Dr., Andrea Hickerson's (Department of Communication) Reporting in Specialized Fields class has you covered through their partnership with the Democrat and Chronicle. Students produced content for a blog on the Vote Up! website that the newspaper maintains, helping to inform the 18-30 year old voter.

The newsletter also takes a look at the Conable Film Series (CFS), exploring the upcoming films and the person behind them: Dr. Rebecca Scales (Department of History). Since its creation two years ago, the CFS has grown in audience, providing a great way for faculty, staff, and students to view and discuss films that tell powerful stories and hold great meaning.

We also take a brief detour to the introspective, as we interview Steven Howe, the journalism student responsible for pulling together our newsletter. The piece discusses why he chose RIT, his experiences in journalism, and how to contact him with story ideas.

Finally, we get into the holiday spirit with a preview of the Holiday Concert that will be performed by our fabulous music ensembles. No holiday season is complete without this incredible, family-oriented, fun-filled event!

As always, if you have any questions about any of the content in this newsletter, please feel free to contact me directly at or x5-2447.

Student and Faculty Spotlights

Student Spotlight   Student Spotlight: Steven Howe
Like the rest of RIT, the College of Liberal Arts never remains idle. Thankfully, neither does Steven Howe, the fourth-year journalism student in charge of this year's Connections Newsletter


Conable Film Series   Conable Film Series
When attempting to learn about different time periods and locations, it's good to have an innovative means of immersing your students. For Rebecca Scales, one way to accomplish this was through cinema.
  Vote Up Rochester
This year's presidential election garnered the attention of the nation- and particularly the students in Andrea Hickerson's Reporting in Specialized Fields class. Through a partnership with the Democrat and Chronicle, students have contributed to a blog on the Vote Up! website that is run by the paper.


RIT Ensembles Ready for Holiday Concert
Ingle Auditorium
Saturday, December 8th, 7:30pm Learn more...