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Student Spotlight: Steven Howe

Student Spotlight

Each month, I look forward to receiving the email that contains the COLA Connections Newsletter so I can read about everything going on at the college. Although I'm on campus daily, I've come to find that there just aren't enough hours in a day to keep up with all of the research, projects, conferences, events, and people here. Like the rest of RIT, the College of Liberal Arts never remains idle.

Thankfully, neither does Steven Howe, the fourth-year journalism student in charge of this year's Connections Newsletter. Steven does everything, from finding stories and conducting interviews, to writing articles and determining the layout for the publication; he's the one-stop-shop for everything newsletter. I've had the good fortune to get to know Steven through his work at the Office of the Dean as a co-op student, but I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the person behind the publication.

Steven is from Bainbridge, NY, a small town in the Southern Tier between Binghamton and Oneonta. Inquisitive by nature, Steven originally intended to pursue biology or zoology in college. As his high school graduation neared, however, he re-evaluated his plan, not sure he would find fulfillment in the life sciences.

"I've always enjoyed writing, and I saw myself in a job where I could learn new things and meet new people on a daily basis," he says. "Journalism allows me to experience all of my areas of interest."

While looking at colleges, Steven investigated many of the established journalism programs found in New York, such as at Syracuse University, Ithaca College, and SUNY Brockport, but he found himself being drawn to RIT.

"I loved the campus and the atmosphere here, and once the journalism program was announced, it sealed the deal for me."

Steven says that selecting a school with a new journalism program has actually worked to his advantage.

"The program here at RIT is centered on forward-thinking multimedia journalism, which is what employers are looking for now. Older, established programs typically force students to choose a specific type of journalism, such as newspaper, magazine, or on-air reporting and lock them into that platform. I like the flexibility that RIT offers."

During his nearly four years at RIT, Steven has had plenty of great experiences as a journalist. Several that stand out include the opportunity to interview CBS News correspondent Bob Schieffer, his internship with Rochester's daily newspaper, The Democrat & Chronicle, reporting for US College Hockey Online during the 2012 Division III Women's Hockey Championships (which RIT won—Go Tigers!!), and his current co-op, the COLA Connections Newsletter.

"These experiences have been invaluable in my development as a journalist and a writer. I'm able to leave RIT this spring with a portfolio of published articles in both on-campus and professional publications."

When it comes to Connections, Steven says he is always looking for stories. "I love when people approach me with story ideas. I look at it as my opportunity to promote all of the interesting things that happen at RIT and in the College of Liberal Arts.

Topics for newsletter stories can include current research projects, RIT or COLA events, and spotlights of our students, faculty, and alumni.

If you have any stories you'd like to share with Connections, please don't hesitate to email Steven at, or his co-op supervisor, Associate Dean Babak Elahi at