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SG COLA Senator Update

Student Government

Greeting, COLA community! Welcome to RIT, freshmen and new faculty, and welcome back, returning students and faculty! My name is Alexander Van Hook, but family and friends call me Alex. I am from Upper Blacks Eddy, PA (Bucks County north of Philadelphia). I am a second-year Liberal Arts Exploration student and am considering Political Science as a major. I am Deaf and use sign language as my main method of communication. I also have congenital muscular dystrophy and use an electric wheelchair for mobility.

I am your Student Government (SG) COLA senator for 2012-2013 and I thank you to the COLA community for electing me last spring. In case you don't know what my position means, I am your liaison, or bridge, that observes and carries issues and feedback to our dean, James Winebrake, his office faculty, and to SG as well (if the issues have an impact on the RIT community in general).

My goals for this year relating to the COLA community are:

  1. To reestablish a permanent and stable Student Advisory Board (SAB), which has existed in the past, for COLA so that it remains up and running, regardless of graduating members, over the years and far into the future.
  2. To work closely with the dean, his team, the developing SAB, and SG, to support the education, recreation and accessibility at COLA and its relationship with the rest of the RIT community.
  3. To work on the relationship between students and faculty so that the relationship is not only based in the classroom lectures but outside of the classroom where they can work together to become allies of each other and to make a comfortable education and trust. This can be done by hosting some "mix-and-mingle" events (more details coming soon in the year).
  4. To work on the relationship between the Deaf and hearing community at COLA.
  5. To increase awareness in the COLA co-op program.
  6. To help establish an official COLA lounge where the COLA and RIT communities can study and socialize in comfort.

Those six goals aren't necessarily the limit I can do for the COLA community because there can be more issues that would be brought up from the community through the SAB, the dean's office, and a possible number of surveys. I am happy to be able to help out in any way I can. Please feel free to contact me at or stop by the SG headquarter on the first floor of Campus Center and say hello during my front-desk office hours, which are listed under this message; if you have any questions, issues, feedback, and/or opinions, or if you just want to meet me and say hello.

I will be using the newsletter from time to time so I can keep you all updated on my goals and on what's going on in the SG. You can also come to the SG Senate Meeting on Fridays, 1-3 pm, which is opened to any RIT members for listening. I will do my best to serve you all well. I am looking forward to working with you all and I wish you best of luck in the new academic year! LET'S GO RIT TIGERS!

  • Mondays: 11:00 am-noon
  • Tuesdays: 10:00 am-noon
  • Wednesdays: 11:00 am-noon