COLA Connections Newsletter: Fall 2016

From the Desk of the Dean

A Sonnet from the Dean* 

This missive reports an associate dean,

     Well loved by her school and her students;

From Justice she comes, and now can be seen,

      Imparting her wisdom and prudence.


We celebrate here an award now bestowed

     On a brilliant new scholar of birds;

Professor Kris Whitney, we happily crow,

     Has received an Edge Prize for his words.


Performance to come on love as it sears,

     Sonnets from the Bard this November;

And last but not least, the mentors of peers,

     Inform students with things to remember.


Ignore this poor sonnet, it’s sure to get better,

We hope you enjoy this COLA newsletter.


*Note that this introduction to our newsletter is inspired by our November performance of Love’s Fire, a series of seven one act plays from the sonnets of William Shakespeare.