COLA Connections Newsletter: May 2014

2014 Undergraduate Graduation Delegate for COLA - Kayla Emerson

“Why choose when you can have it all,” stated Kayla Emerson. She is the 2014 Undergraduate Graduation Delegate for the College of Liberal Arts.

Emerson is a student in both the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Science, graduating with a dual degree in Physics and Philosophy. Although not closely related, she says that she chose these two areas of study because they cover a vast spectrum of knowledge. “I didn’t want my education to be specialized,” she said. “I wanted to study a broad range of topics. Physics and Philosophy do just that.”

At the beginning of her college career, Emerson found herself at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Coming from a small town in New Hampshire, she found the adjustment to living in a major city to be quite a feat. After one year she decided to make the move to RIT’s suburban campus.

“I like it here,” she said. “Campus-life is convenient, it has great perks.”

Kayla has enjoyed many of the perks, but also embraced many of the responsibilities of being a college student. She is the president of the philosophy club and treasurer of the Society of Physics Students, and a peer mentor for the College of Liberal Arts, organizations she cares about deeply.

One of her favorite opportunities of college has been visiting the Kitt Peak National Observatory in Tucson, Arizona, a trip she made for her capstone project for physics studying planetary nebulae. In addition to her year-long capstone project she is writing a thesis in philosophy on Divine Motivation Theory and Ethical Theory.

“My thesis and capstone are completely different, but I’m very interested in both studies,” she said.

With Kayla’s devotion to organizations on campus, as well as the excellence she has shown through her unique educational path, she has earned her title as graduation delegate.

“I’m honored, if not surprised, that the committee saw in me what represents the College of Liberal Arts as a whole.”

“I only have two jobs as delegate, to give a speech and to hold the College flag. I wasreally excited to hold the flag!”