COLA Connections Newsletter: Fall 2017

Alumni Spotlight: Rashad Bayramov-- A Passion for Public Speaking

Rashad Bayramov, MS Communication & Media Technologies graduate, is proud to be a RIT Tiger. "Being an alumnus of a university where people care for one another, where professors are friends, where staff are helpful, and where the curriculum makes sense in the real world is special." After graduating from RIT in 2003, Bayramov has spent most of his career with British Petroleum, one of the largest energy companies in the world. He cites his RIT education as a key source of knowledge that prepared him for his very demanding role as the Government Affairs Manager for the company.

While Bayramov plays an important role at BP, he has taken on another challenge, one he says fulfills a personal, as well as professional passion: coaching and teaching the art of public speaking. This passion has not only inspired him become a public speaking coach, but to write a book on the subject as well. In December 2016, Bayramov's book, "Trust Your Words: Ten Steps to Conquer Your Audience," was published in his home country of Azerbaijan. This is the first book on public speaking written in the Azerbaijani language. In addition to using his native tongue, he also takes the Azerbaijani experience and incorporates it into his teachings. He uses true stories of public speaking incidents, collects advice from great Azerbaijani speakers, and analyzes Azerbaijani films on the principles of public speaking.  This culturally-centric approach has led to the book being sold out within months of its release.  Rashad’s experience is a perfect example of no dream being too big. "It takes clear goals, good planning and disciplined implementation…and of course, lots of optimism!"

On October 11th from 12:00-1:00PM, Rashad will host a free webinar on public speaking for RIT students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the university.  Please visit here to register for the live webinar or to view the recorded presentation after its offering.