COLA Connections Newsletter: December 2015

"Rocky Horror Picture Show" Performed at RIT

The College of Liberal Arts recently sponsored a live rendition of the 1975 movie-musical, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” put on through the efforts of Director David Munnell and our Department of Performing Arts & Visual Culture. Based off of a 1973 theater musical itself, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (or just “Rocky Horror” for short) has become a highly beloved cult classic due to its eccentric characters, dated humor and vulnerability to barrages of audience insults.

Live renditions of “Rocky Horror” tend to include actors performing the movie’s scenes while the film is projected behind them, lending the whole spectacle open to countless raunchy audience “callbacks” and, well, “suggestive” behavior from both the performers and the crowd. RIT's rendition of “Rocky Horror” was no exception. The actors, musicians, and crew put on an exceptional show, complete with live music, wonderfully exaggerated performances and a stunning set.

“It was so much fun to perform,” said second year Electrical Engineering major Jake Krajewski, who played an extra in the show. “A ton of people came out to see us and it was a really great experience overall.”

The show, which ran from Thursday, November 19 through Sunday, November 22, drew large crowds throughout its weekend run. The atmosphere in the Robert F. Panara Theater during Saturday night’s midnight showing was particularly raucous, with the pit band set up on stage and tucked behind the show’s impressive prison-esque set.

Audience participation was vibrant and consistent throughout the night, and the players seemed to feed off of the audience’s positive energy, channeling it into an off-the-rails, exciting show. Music Director Braden Chudzik even participated in the audience callbacks, at one point managing to spin a line of the movie’s dialogue into a dig at presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“It was a ton of work, especially in the days leading up to our first show, but it was totally worth it,” added Jake. “I really loved it all.”