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Department of Philosophy

Last updated 16 May 2015

Currrent and Projected Future
Upper-Level Philosophy Offerings

The following list is tentative only, but it should give some idea of the course offerings at the 200 level and above which the Department of Philosophy projects for the next few years. (All of the 100 level philosophy courses are offered multiple times per year.)

Most course titles below are links to course descriptions.

Fall, 2015-2016

PHIL 201 Ancient Philosophy (Benso)
PHIL 202 Foundations of Moral Philosophy (Torcello)
PHIL 304 Philosophy of Law (Suits)
PHIL 309 Feminist Theory (Rosen-Carole)
PHIL 311 East Asian Philosophy (Schroeder)
PHIL 312 American Philosophy (Capps)
PHIL 402 Philosophy of Science [online] (Sanders)
PHIL 409 Existentialism (Schroeder)
PHIL 413 Philosophy and Literary Theory (Rosen-Carole)
PHIL 415 Ethical Theory (Robison)
PHIL 416 Seminar in Philosophy: Technology and Agency (Engström)
PHIL 449 Special Topics: Descartes and Hume on Skepticism (Robison)