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Senior Theses

Some of the theses can be viewed at RIT’s
Digital Media Library



  • Melissa Ziankoski, “Improving Ethical Performance: Why We Credit Moral Motivation and Why We Shouldn’t”
    Advisor: Lawrence Torcello. Committee: Evelyn Brister, David Suits

  • Nolan R. Harris, Jr., “(Un)Thinking (Un)Freedom: Totalization, Essentialism, and Race”
    Advisor: Brian Schroeder. Committee: Silvia Benso, Richard Newman (History)

  • Lindsey Johnson, “A Poem After Auschwitz: Günter Grass, Committed Art, & Post-Holocaust Literature in the Frankfurt School”
    Advisor: Katie Terezakis. Committee: Silvia Benso, Tim Engström, Ulrike Stroszeck (Modern Languages and Cultures)


  • Ashley Aberg, “Is That Right?: An Argument Toward Viewing Truth Within Art”
    Advisor: John T. Sanders. Committee: Tim Engström, John Capps

  • Nadia Adams, “A Phenomenology of Photography”
    Advisor: Brian Schroeder. Committee: Katie Terezakis, Tim Engström

  • Christopher Boone, “Structures of Agency: Epistemic and Ontic Structure in Agential Reality”
    Advisor: John T. Sanders. Committee: John Capps, Evelyn Brister

  • Alex Brown, “Avoiding Legislative Bias in a Pluralistic Society”
    Advisor: Lawrence Torcello. Committee: John T. Sanders, David Suits

  • James Brown, “A Meta-Ethical Analysis of H5N1 Discourse”
    Advisor: Evan Selinger. Committee: Lawrence Torcello, Sandra Connelly (Life Sciences)

  • Dana Burkhart, “Demarcating Computer Science”
    Advisor: Evelyn Brister. Committee: David Suits, Zack Butler (Computer Science)

  • Will Resch, “Our Duty to Each Other’s Considerations”
    Advisor: Lawrence Torcello. Committee: John T. Sanders, Silvia Benso

  • Jathan Sadowski, “Experimental Analysis of the Gap Between Moral Beliefs and Moral Actions”
    Advisor: Evan Selinger. Committee: John T. Sanders, Joshua Knobe (Yale)

  • Anthony Ward, “Can Machines Have Emotions?”
    Advisor: David Suits. Committee: John Capps, Brian Schroeder

  • Jeff Young, “Deflationary Truth and Truth-Aptness Illuminated by Language and Norms: Paul Horwich, Huw Price, and Michael Lynch”
    Advisor: John Capps. Committee: Wade Robison, Tim Engström


  • Joseph Thomas Featherall, “Towards a Human Centered Economy”
    Advisor: Tim Engström. Committee: Brian Schroeder, Ed Hensel (Engineering)

  • Max Herrera, “The Bad Faith of Eating Meat”
    Advisor: Lawrence Torcello. Committee: Tim Engström, John T. Sanders

  • Alexis Page, “The Soul—Two Philosophical Views”
    Advisor: Wade Robison. Committee: Brian Schroeder

  • Erika Strickland, “Reconfiguring Phenomena of Presence”
    Advisor: Tim Engström. Committee: John Capps, Katie Terezakis


  • Dana Melchior, “Heideggerian Temporality and Aristotelian Time”
    Advisor: Silvia Benso. Committee: Brian Schroeder, Katie Terezakis