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Lawrence Torcello
Lawrence Torcello
Assistant Professor


Recently I wrote a short article published in The Conversation UK, which has been the subject of much attention and misrepresentation. The current form of misrepresentation my work is receiving will be familiar to many who write and research on the topic of climate change. To be clear: I do not believe that anyone who doubts the scientific consensus that exists on climate change should be put in prison. I do not believe that scientists who challenge prevailing views in the course of their scientific research should be put in prison. I do not believe that people who disagree with me should be put in prison. Such views are ridiculous and abhorrent. I value and welcome informed discussion and disagreement. I encourage you to carefully read my real article (here’s the link), which addresses organized efforts to cloud public perception of science on issues that are relevant to public safety. You may disagree with me that such efforts exist and you are free to do so. You may disagree with me that if such efforts exist they are worthy of any scrutiny, and you are free to do so. I welcome disagreement. Again, I wish to make it clear that my views have been grossly misrepresented in various online outlets. It should also be clear that my views are my own and I do not presume to speak for anyone other than myself.

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Last updated 5 April 2014