The Philosophy Major / Double Major

This degree program can be completed as one half of a double-major.
Please contact the Undergraduate Program Director for details.

The Department of Philosophy offers a unique Bachelor of Science degree in Philosophy consisting of:

  • a thorough grounding in core areas of philosophy;
  • a four-course specialization within philosophy;
  • a focus or “core competence” in a discipline outside of philosophy (this could be a minor or other coherent set of courses in a non-philosophy discipline, including, for double-majors, courses in the other discipline);
  • an optional Senior Thesis integrating philosophy with a field of application (e.g., the non-philosophy core competence); and
  • general education courses and other miscellaneous requirements.


Philosophy Program Objectives

Students graduating from our program are able to:

  • Categorize, critique, assess, and compare major figures and movements in the history of philosophy.
  • Apply different theoretical approaches to ethical and other value-oriented issues.
  • Examine, reconstruct, and fairly assess various and opposing arguments on a subject.
  • Present cogent arguments in support of their own philosophical positions.
  • Formulate a thesis, conduct literature review, perform necessary research, and present and defend a defined philosophical position.
  • Categorize, critique, and assess positions within a particular subfield of philosophy.