RIT students must complete a three-course immersion, formerly known as a concentration, in a specific discipline or interdisciplinary area, as part of the graduation requirements. The Political Science Department offers two immersions: American Politics and International Relations.

Immersion in American Politics

Joseph Fornieri, Adviser
(585) 475-5889, jrfgsm@rit.edu

Sean Sutton, Adviser
(585) 475-4620, sdsgsm@rit.edu

The value in studying the American political system can scarcely be overemphasized. As Thomas Jefferson maintained, only an educated and enlightened democracy can endure. A democratic society remains valid only to the extent that its citizens are educated and well-informed about their government and issues of public policy. The purpose of this concentration is to give students a sound understanding of the U.S. political system. Courses detail various aspects of the American political system, giving students the tools to participate effectively in the political process. See the College of Liberal Arts website for a list of courses in this immersion.

Immersion in International Relations

Nathan Dinneen, Adviser
(585) 475-6373, nxdgfm@rit.edu

Ryan Garcia, Adviser
(585) 475-4008, ryan.garcia@rit.edu

The international relations concentration introduces students to the complexities and shifting trends of international affairs, with an opportunity to study the significance of at least one aspect of the international system. We live in an increasingly interdependent world. Many career tracks will carry graduates into the multicultural arena of international transactions, which know no borders. Many emerging problems require international approaches if they are to be managed in the future. See the College of Liberal Arts website for a list of courses in this immersion.