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Graduates of our programs have gone on to a variety of careers. Many students pursue graduate degrees.  Recently RIT graduates have entered Ph.D. programs at Duke, University of New Mexico, and the University of North Dakota.  B.S. graduates have earned Master’s degrees from programs at RIT, Boston College, University of Rochester, University of Michigan, Loyola and many others.  Our graduates have earned degrees in a wide variety of related areas like Clinical Social Work, School Psychology, Marriage and Family Counseling, and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. 

Many students choose a career in human resources or related areas including positions at various local and national companies (Payroll Strategies, LLC and more). Some students have gone on to work in social services, for example, working with children and adults with developmental disabilities, both in residential and day treatment centers.  Other students pursue research jobs. RIT graduates have recently worked in labs at MIT, Harvard and the University of Bristol. Graduates in Engineering Psychology have gone on to Microsoft, Blackbaud, Radius and others.

Engineering Psychology

Engineering psychologists work in diverse areas including government, private industry and academia. These graduates typically do research and/or work as consultants in fields such as engineering, product design, and software development. The demand for engineering psychologists is strong and is expected to remain so for the foreseeable future. For more information about careers in engineering psychology, see careers in psychology website, the career center of the American Psychological Association, and the career center of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society and information for students.

School Psychology

School psychology is consistently rated among Money Magazine’s list of Best Careers. School psychologists typically are employed by public or private school systems. They work closely with teachers, student support personnel (e.g., counselors, social workers, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists), administrators, and parents. They collaborate to implement programs aimed at enhancing the learning and social-emotional competence of all students – on an individual as well as a systems-level basis. They work in settings that serve preschool children all the way through high school. Some work in alternative settings, such as Hillside Children’s Center or BOCES, while many work in regular public schools. Graduates of RIT’s School Psychology Program are employed in the Greater Rochester area and locations across the US. Recent alumni are employed as close as the Rush-Henrietta schools and as far away as Alaska. Other alumni can be found in Massachusetts, the New York City area, Delaware, South Carolina, Florida, and Arizona. Some alumni go on to complete doctoral degrees at places like Alfred University, the University of Minnesota and the University of Oregon. Our program boasts a very high job placement rate for graduates.