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Co-Op Instructions

  1. You must first complete at least two years worth of coursework. Students are strongly encouraged to complete co-op in the summer.
  2. Locate a potential co-op. All co-ops must be pre-approved by the Department of Psychology. So after you have identified a co-op opportunity, complete the approval form (see below) and submit it to Dr. Comer ( for approval.
  3. Once approved, you should be automatically enrolled in the relevant course (PSYC 498, 499, or 550) in SIS (but make sure to check SIS to be sure you were registered).
  4. Only for Co-Op and Internship Placements (PSYC 499 and 498): Register your co-op with the Office of Co-op and Career Services reporting system. Go to​ and complete and submit the form.
    Note: Students doing the Undergraduate Research Experience (PSYC 550) do NOT register their placement with this system. Submitting the approval form to the Psychology Department is the only paperwork needed
  5. Upon completion of your co-op, you will be directed to complete a summary of your work experience.
  6. Finally, your employer will receive a request to complete an evaluation of your job performance. This request will be sent by the Office of Co-Op and Career Services

Approval Forms:
Undergraduate Research Experience