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The following resources are available to you to aid in your co-op process:

Co-Op Advisor: Dr. Jessamy Comer

  • Eastman 2322 (within EAS-2310 office suite)
  • Approves all psychology major co-ops and equivalents
  • Provides assistance with:
    • Answering questions about the psychology co-op process
    • Identifying an appropriate co-op
    • Guidance with paperwork for filing a co-op

Career Services Coordinator: Lisa Monette

  • Office of Co-Op and Career Services
  • Provides assistance with:
    • Conducting job searches, using Handshake and other job search engines, etc.
    • Writing resumes, interview skills, salary negotiations, etc.
    • Answering questions about the co-op process

Career Counselors: Carolyn DeHority and Janine Rowe

  • Carolyn DeHority:
  • Janine Rowe:
  • Office of Co-Op and Career Services
  • Provide assistance with:
    • Identifying career interests
    • Graduate school advising

Office of Co-Op and Career Services

  • Services offered:
    • Provide resources for conducting job searches, resume workshops, interview skills, etc.
    • Track and monitor all co-op and internship registrations, confirm final co-op and internship hours, and conduct employer and employee evaluations of co-ops and internships
  • Drop-in hours (no appointment necessary) for any questions related to co-ops and careers:
    • Mondays through Wednesdays: 9:30-11:30 am
    • Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays: 1:30-3:30 pm


Psychology Co-Op and Career Center

  • Eastman 2378
  • Provides resources describing potential jobs in psychology
  • Advertises current job openings related to psychology

Psychology Faculty Advisors

  • All psychology students are assigned a faculty advisor. Students may contact their individual faculty advisor to discuss co-op and career opportunities.