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BA, University of Rochester.
M.A., Ph.D., Oklahoma State University

(585) 475-2402

Spring 2145:

Tuesday and Thursday, 9:15 am - 10:15 am

Other times by appointment



Professor Harnish has been teaching at RIT since 1974. At that time, the Department of Psychology was known as the Psychology committee. Professor Harnish is particularly interested in creating computer simulations and has published a variety of simulation packages to accompany Introduction to Psychology textbooks. He has also published several commercial software programs. He recently published a book on personality theories and is working on a psychotherapy book as well as a book on the psychology of enlightenment. In addition, he has recently been on television, radio, and in print, talking about ways of better handling stress.

Professor Harnish has wide-ranging psychological interests. In addition to computer simulations, personality, psychotherapy, and enlightenment, Professor Harnish has interests in hemispheric specialization, behavior modification, perceptual illusions, altered states of consciousness, and positive psychology.

His hobbies include playing guitar and writing folk songs, some of which have been performed by artists in the Rochester area.

Here is a link to Professor Harnish’s personal web page:


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