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Alpha Sigma Lambda Society Award

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Brandon Dziedzic and Tessa Riley were inducted into the Alpha Sigma Lambda Honorary Society on May 18!


Each student picks a mentor who most influenced their development at RIT.  Tessa picked Dr. DiFonzo and Brandon picked Dr. DeLong.




Alpha Sigma Lambda Honorary Society

Alpha Sigma Lambda was founded in 1964 to honor students who represent the guiding principles of ASL: Activities, Scholarship and Leadership.

ASL exists to foster and encourage students to aspire to the goals of participation in activities, excellence in scholarship, and the practice of responsible leadership. ASL also serves as the Institute's formal recognition of those students who meet the standards and qualify for membership.

  • Being an Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society member allows our senior student recognition for outstanding academic achievement and campus leadership involvement.
  • They receive an Alpha Sigma Lambda medal to wear for graduation.
  • They are invited to a special dinner hosted by the President honoring all recipients.
  • Student honorees invite a mentor from faculty or staff as their guest, to be recognized as having a profound impact on their academic and leadership success. 
  • Student's name is engraved on a plaque in the Student Alumni Union joining over 600 RIT Alumni already honored.

In order to be eligible for nomination, the student must meet the following criteria: full time, matriculated senior in a four/five-year undergraduate degree program or dual degree program with a minimum of 3.4 cumulative GPA (beginning fall semester of their Senior year) and must graduate by the end of the following fall semester; an active member for one full year in at least two Institute activities, organizations, or committees; and demonstrated leadership position(s) - the quality of the leadership shall be determined by holding high elected or appointed office for the total term of that particular office (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chairperson, Director, Captain (Co-Captain), or significant contributions to the Institute through active participation in a club or activity. 

Nominees will be judged on the basis of scholarship, active participation and contributions in activities, and leadership in academic and co-curricular student activities. Both paid and voluntary activities will be considered. Service to the Institute community will also be considered in the selection process.






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May, 2015
Monday, May 18, 2015