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Dr. Caroline DeLong & Irene Fobe conduct cognitive studies at the Seneca Park Zoo

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Dr. Caroline DeLong and Irene Fobe, graduate student, are studying the behavior of animals at Rochester's Seneca Park Zoo this summer.  Dr. DeLong has been working for many years with Director of Animal Health and Conservation Dr. Wyatt, General Curator David Hamilton, and many animal care staff members—along with the undergraduate and graduate students she teaches—to study the cognition of animals at the Zoo.

Recent and upcoming studies at the Zoo that Dr. DeLong has been involved in include the study of North American river otters, Bornean orangutans, and California sea lions.

Dr. DeLong's research is highlighted in the Seneca Park Zoo's Summer newsletter (pages 6 & 7):


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July, 2016
Tuesday, July 12, 2016