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Kamal Goulbourne and Adante Seay Selected for MOCHA (Men of Color, Honor and Ambition)

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Congratulations to Kamal Goulbourne and Adante Seay, undergraduate psychology students who were selected to the MOCHA Cohort 6 - 2018/2019 Program. Kamal and Adante were two of only twenty students selected for this university program! Forty-eight applications from students interested to be part of the MOCHA Program next year were received. Some of them were nominated by advisors, tutors and friends, and some were self-nominated. The Interviews and Evaluation Process of the candidates were professionally conducted by the current MOCHA (M5) Men.

Men of Color, Honor, and Ambition (M.O.C.H.A) is a one-year initiative open to all undergraduate male students between their second and fifth academic years of study, but is specifically designed for male students of color. Students will participate in a series of monthly workshops offered by faculty, staff, and community leaders; foster a sense of community and bonding with each other and other male role models of color through social outings; and support their health awareness and development through their participation in wellness activities.



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April, 2018
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