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Student Testimonial - Ashlynn Keller

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Prior to taking Scientific Writing (Research Methods 1) I thought Psychology was a matter of rote memorization, but between that class and the track classes that followed I began to understand the hard work, dedication, and perseverance that were necessary in a psychology field. I am happy to say that I am planning to pursue a PhD in psychology and that without the encouragement and constant feedback from professors in the Psychology Department I wouldn't have found my true passion: Comparative Cognition. What I would say to any perspective student would be to follow your heart and if psychology interests you, pursue it! The professors at RIT are always willing to teach you more or provide ways to become more involved, such as through research. Take advantage of the fantastic faculty and staff of the RIT Psychology Department and expand your horizons. 

Ashlynn Keller
Graduated May 2013

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September, 2013
Wednesday, September 4, 2013