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Student Testimonial - Catina (Link) Wright

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The psychology classes at RIT really helped me a lot in my job as a full time zoo keeper at Seneca Park Zoo. I am a biology bachelor degree graduate and chose psychology as my concentration. I took behavior modification, childhood psychology, social psychology, and abnormal psychology. The last two I took because they sounded interesting, but I wanted to take childhood psychology because I knew it would help me with my current job at an after school care, and I really wanted to take behavior modification because I knew that it would help me if I got into a job involving animal care. When I got interviewed for my job at the zoo they asked me if I knew what shaping, conditioning, and reinforcement was. Of course I knew and I impressed my interviewers when I told them I took the behavior modification class. I'm currently using what I've learned in class by training and using positive reinforcement  on the zoo's river otters, a spider monkey, and did some minor training with a few other animals. I have RIT to thank for offering that wonderful class as well as the other exciting psych classes I had taken.

Catina (Link) Wright
RIT graduate 2004

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September, 2013
Wednesday, September 4, 2013