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What is Psychology?

Psychology studies two critical relationships: one between brain function and behavior, and another between the environment and behavior. Psychology uses the scientific method to understand and explain the thoughts and behaviors of groups and individuals.

The Bachelor’s Degree at RIT

The B.S. program at RIT provides a strong general background in Psychology complemented by a focus in two specialty areas. This provides students with a curriculum that leads to the determination of clear career goals. The sequential courses of Research Methods I and Research Methods II foster analytic skills and encourage critical thinking. The capstone experience allows students to apply these skills on research projects of their own design. Many employers are interested in the skills that psychology majors bring to collecting, analyzing and interpreting data, as well as experience with statistics and experimental design. The curriculum covers the main content areas that typically define the psychology discipline.

Students are encouraged to take courses from the other Colleges at RIT, including computer science, business, engineering, and design. This technical focus prepares students with specific skills related to their career choice. The psychology program takes advantage of RIT's strength in technical and professional areas and combines them with the study of behavior. All students at RIT must complete an immersion in a specific area ranging from learning a language to writing to any of the natural sciences, the arts or the humanities. The curriculum is flexible enough to permit a minor (or two with good planning) or a double major (with more planning).

A unique feature of our curriculum includes the five tracks of in-depth interdisciplinary studies: (1) Biopsychology; (2) Clinical Psychology; (3) Cognitive Psychology; (4) Social Psychology; and (5) Visual Perception. Each track consists of three interdisciplinary courses that integrate students' technical immersion and Psychology. This integrated career focus increases chances for an advantageous placement after graduation. Added to this strong career focus is the co-op/internship experience for students.

Why is the RIT B.S. Degree so important?

a.     Work Opportunities for Graduates of RIT

Psychology majors have many qualities that are attractive to job recruiters. Employers find that psychology graduates possess strong people skills. Our graduates also acquire research and writing skills. They are good problem solvers and have well-developed high-level skills in analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating information. Job possibilities may be in biological sciences, computer programming, public affairs, visual psychophysics, image perception, man-machine interface and usability analysis.

b.       Postgraduate study

The B.S. psychology program prepares students to enroll in many of the M.S. degree programs at RIT that provide specific skill training needed in business and industry. Some of these programs require only one additional full time year of study. The Department of Psychology, offers M.S. degrees in Experimental Psychology and School Psychology.

The B.S. program also prepares students to pursue graduate degrees in various fields of psychology offered by other universities. Our graduates gain strong mathematics, science, and technical background.