Department Mission

The mission of the Department of STS/Public Policy is to explore science and technology in their social content and contexts. Our curriculum is closely tied to other science, technology and engineering programs at RIT. This is demonstrated through our emphasis on interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary collaboration, teaching, and scholarship in order to improve society, protect the biosphere, encourage good citizenship, and prepare students for a variety of careers and advanced degrees. We accomplish this by providing a high-quality teaching and learning environment. Our distinguished faculty is broadly trained in the fields of science, technology, engineering, humanities and social sciences


The Department of STS/Public Policy has become a leader at RIT in providing a high quality teaching and learning. Our vision for the next five years is to become:

  • RIT’s intellectual, collaborative hub for the interdisciplinary study of science and technology in their social content and context.
  • Nationally and internationally recognized for distinctive degree programs and a rich set of scholarly activities.
  • A role model for designing and implementing creative, interdisciplinary pedagogies.
  • An integral part of the Institute’s and College’s vision to prepare students for successful careers in a global society.
  • A leader in the formulation of innovative science and technology policies that enhances America’s intellectual capital nationally and internationally.