BS/MS Dual Degree with BS in Public Policy

BS/MS Dual Degree with BS in Public Policy

Any Public Policy BS student may apply to the MS Program using the simplified Graduate Application found here.

Most students should be able to complete this degree in five years.

Typical course sequence is as follows:

Year One

PUBL-101 Foundations of Public Policy

STSO-201 Science, and Technology Policy

ECON-101 Microeconomics

ECON-201 Macroeconomics

LAS Perspectives 1

LAS Perspectives 2

LAS Perspective 6: Lab Science*

LAS Perspective 7A: Math

Freshman Seminar

Writing Seminar

Year Two

PUBL-201 Values and Public Policy

PUBL-210 Qual. Methods & Analysis

 STSO-220 Env and Society

LAS Perspectives 3

LAS Perspectives 4

LAS Perspective 5: Science

LAS Perspectives 7B: STAT-145 Stastitics I

Concentration 1

Free elective 1 & 2

Year Three

PUBL-301 Public Policy Analysis

 PUBL-302 Decision Analysis

POLS-455 Comparative Public Policy

Concentration  2 & 3

LAS Immersion 1 & 2

Gen Ed Elec 1

Free elective 3 & 4

Year Four

PUBL-500 Senior Project (WI)

PUBL-510 Tech Innovation & PP

Concentration 4 & 5

LAS Immersion 3

Gen Ed Elec 2, 3, & 4

 Free elective 5 & 6

PUBL-700 Readings

PUBL-703 Program Evaluation and Research Design

Year Five

PUBL-701  Grad Policy Analysis

STSO-710 Science and  Tech Policy Seminar

Grad elective 1, 2, & 3

PUBL-790 Thesis