4+1 Options

4+1 Programs

Students who are getting a BS at RIT can apply to the MS program through our 4+1 program.   4+1 students are granted enrollment to the MS program in Science, Technology, and Public Policy with a shortened application form, provided they have a 3.0 GPA and they have been accepted by the Graduate Committee. If a 3.0 GPA is not achieved, a student may still apply to the program. If accepted, students will receive appropriate credit for courses taken that meet the graduate course requirements.

Students must also have taken a minor which includes either which includes either:

Policy Analysis

Decision Analysis


Identification as a 4+1 student allows the student to take up 3 graduate level courses their senior year, in addition to their BS requirements. These graduate level classes will be used towards their MS. Once they complete their BS degree, they will be matriculated into the MS program with up to 9 credits toward their degree.

Additionally, the following degree programs have an established 4+1 agreement with the Public Policy Program for entrance to the MS in Science, Technology and Public Policy. For these programs, a minor is not required.

BS in Economics, College of Liberal Arts

BS in Criminal Justice, College of Liberal Arts

BS in International Studies, College of Liberal Arts