Adam Botzenhart

San Fransisco
Associate, Quinn Emanuel Urquhart Sullivan Law Firm
Degree Program: 
BS in Public Policy RIT, 2008

"In the Public Policy Program there was flexibility to take as many classes in different programs as I wanted to take.  Classes in economics were among my favorite, along with classes regarding philosophy and the environment.  The degree program is flexible enough that it will accommodate anything you want to take.”

Adam started off his studies at RIT in the Imaging Science program.  He chose RIT because it had a lot of different colleges that offered a broad range of things for him to try.  After a year, he realized that the Imaging Science program wasn’t for him and decided to pursue a BS in Public Policy; the Public Policy program offered several concentration areas that piqued his interest and were relevant to cutting edge policy topics.


At RIT, Adam worked a research assistant, which taught him valuable research and writing skills he would put to use in law school and beyond.  He also worked as the Managing Editor for Reporter Magazine, was a resident advisor, and a Student Justice.


After graduating from Harvard law school in 2011, Adam joined Quinn Emanuel Urquhart Sullivan Law Firm in San Francisco.  Quinn Emmanuel is known as the premiere business litigation firm in the US and specializes in intellectual property and patent law.  Adam’s background at RIT gave him the familiarity with technology that pushed him to pursue patent law even though he never directly took what might be considered upper level technical coursework.    “Being at a technology institute,” he explains,“everything has an infusion of technology literacy.”


Adam’s clients include Google, Youtube, Barnes and Noble, and Samsung.  He feels that RIT’s greatest strength in preparing him for his career was the top quality professors that rigorously challenge the students but always with interesting material.  His educational experience taught him valuable critical thinking skills that help him as a lawyer on a daily basis.