Dennis Sakva

Senior Analyst, Dragon Capital
Degree Program: 
MS Public Policy, 2004

“RIT provided me with high level research facilities, access to extremely helpful staff and wide range of classes to choose from.”

Dennis received his first Master degree in economical cybernetics in Ukraine.  This degree provided him tremendous math and technical skills, but he felt that he lacked the skills needed for practical implementation.  He was drawn to the Public Policy program RIT because he felt that it would provide a set of skills that would provide career opportunities beyond working for government agencies.  The combination of science and technology supplemented with a strong analytical toolset and gave him the fuel needed to jump-start his career. 


RIT provided Dennis with new opportunities and the chance to conduct his research in state of the art facilities.  Dennis served as Dr. James Winebrake’s research assistant, focusing on US energy consumption forecasts. 


Upon graduating from RIT with his MS degree in Public Policy in 2005, his technical background in statistical modeling and research experience gained during his time at RIT made him an ideal job candidate for the energy industry.  Dennis joined a small private investment company focusing on energy infrastructure.  After a year, he was recruited to join Dragon Capital -Ukraine’s largest investment bank - as a junior energy sector analyst.  Over time, he was promoted to senior analyst and the fields he covered expanded beyond energy to include equity and fixed income instruments in the metals and mining sector.  This current position utilizes his knack for computer modeling and his interest in the power generation sector.  He works with energy companies to gather statistical performance measures in order to create financial models and forecasts.  He utilizes the diverse analytic research skills he learned at RIT in his current role at Dragon Capital.