What the Students Are Saying About the Program…

MS Science, Technology, and Public Policy degree...

"RIT Public Policy has given me the analytical tools to confidently enter a career as a policy analyst. But it has also inspired in me a desire for life-long learning—something for which I will always be grateful"
Aida Alymbaeva, Graduate Student

"In the public policy program at RIT, I had an opportunity to work directly with the best faculty from a multitude of fields. In addition, through my thesis research project, I received one-on-one attention from a dedicated faculty advisor.  The research experience offered by public policy has proved invaluable!"
Tisha Smith, Graduate Student

"The RIT Public Policy Program has allowed me to integrate my interests in science and technology with interests in government, economics, and policy. No other program in the country offers the expertise that links the world of the technologist with the world of the policy analyst. I feel I am fully prepared for a career in the science, technology, and policy field."
Eric Linden, Graduate Student

Our Students Are...

  • Committed to "making a difference"
  • Creative problem-solvers with strong analytical abilities
  • Interested in applied social sciences
  • Interested in science and technology
  • Aware of the important role of government in meeting society’s goals
  • Varied in their academic and professional backgrounds (e.g. economics, engineering, political science) and the program is designed to "fill the gaps" where needed

BS Public Policy degree...

"I wanted a program that linked my interest in science and technology with my interest in government. The RIT Public Policy Program allows me to integrate these interests and prepare me for a career in science and technology policy field."
Jason Selleck, BS Graduate

“The Public Policy Department faculty are always available to help. Because the faculty are so accessible, the department feels like an extended family! I’m never afraid to visit my professors and talk about classes, careers, and future goals.”
Anna Leung, BS Graduate

“I know it is cliché, but I feel it’s important to get a degree that allows me to make a difference in this world. That’s why I chose the RIT Public Policy Program.”
Lyndsey Fisher, BS Graduate

“Through the program I can concentrate in Environmental Policy, Information and Communications Policy, or even a “track” that I develop with my advisor, such as Biotechnology Policy, Energy Policy, or International Development Policy.”
Christopher Samp, BS/MS Student