RIT Orchestra

2015-2016 Registration and Audition Information

Rehearsals and Registration

Rehearsals for the RIT Orchestra 2014-2015 will be held 5:00-6:15 Mondays and Wednesdays in the SAU Music Room. Fall semester will be strings only. Spring semester will be full orchestra, including woodwinds, brass, and percussion. You will be able to register after your audition, using an Add Form signed by Dr. Ruhling. All students playing in the RIT Orchestra are expected to register for credit (1 credit per quarter), except in extreme circumstances (e.g. overload). So if you would like to play in orchestra, please leave the rehearsal time slot open in your schedule, and at least one credit available, and come for an audition. Students are also expected to serve on one of the orchestra committees to help with the administration of the orchestra. Please also read the document Being an orchestral player to more fully understand what is expected.

Audition Information

All students, new and returning, will be required to audition. Returning students: you will receive a grade for the level of your preparation of the audition excerpts. The audition is a painless process, taking 10-15 minutes. It includes the following exercises—

  1. Play a scale or two (major and/or minor, up to 4 sharps and 4 flats in the key signature).
  2. Play an assigned orchestral excerpt. Find your instrument/part below, download it, and PRACTICE. Brass players: note transpositions. Returning members: PRACTICE the parts. You will receive a grade for your audition preparation. Do not come to your audition unprepared.
  3. Sight-read some material.
  4. If you wish also to prepare something else, you may do so, but emphasis will be given to the orchestral excerpt.

Please download and complete the following RIT Orchestra Information Form and bring it with you to your audition. Upon a successful audition, you will be given an Add form, which you will take to the appropriate office as directed. Then you're registered. Seating will be announced by the first full rehearsal, taking place the Monday afternoon of the second week of classes.

Strings: Auditions will take place the first week of classes during rehearsal times. The major work for the fall semester will be Dvořák's Serenade for Strings, Op. 22. The audition excerpts will be chosen from this piece. Below are links to the parts for the Dvořák. Click on your instrument to download your part. It is recommended that you learn the part over the summer, so that you are prepared for the audition. If you miss the audition the first week because you were unaware of RIT Orchestra, contact Dr. Ruhling for directions on late audition and registration.


String Parts for Dvořák's Serenade for Strings, Op. 22—

Violin I

Violin II




Winds, Brass, Percussion: As stated above, the fall semester will be for strings only, with the spring semester full orchestra. Please contact Dr. Ruhling in October or November if you are interested in joining the RIT Orchestra in the spring semester. Auditions will be established on a an individual basis during the month of November, and the first week of the spring semester if needed.