SOCI 102 - Foundations of Sociology

Sociology is the study of the social world and socialization processes. Sociologists study the broader picture of how societies are structured and organized through a macro-sociological analysis as well as how individuals create their own social reality symbolically through their interactions with others in a micro-sociological analysis. Students in this course will learn the fundamentals of each approach and come away with a sociological framework which they can critically apply to their own lives. Required for the Sociology track of the Soc/Anth program. Units 3 

SOCI 102H - Honors Sociology

This course explores how sociological concepts, theories and research account for such social phenomena as socialization, deviance, social structure, stratification, political and religious affiliation and social change. It will also explore how social factors account for political and economic behavior and the speed and spread of technological change. Units 3 

SOCI 103 - Urban Experience

Cities have an important effect on social interaction. Through their design, they bring together diverse groups of people, in unique spatial settings which can create and maintain opportunities for either interaction or segregation. This course examines theories explaining urban life, the development and growth of cities, their role in shaping human interaction, and the problems that emerge within and surrounding them. Topics covered include education, immigration, residential segregation, poverty, homelessness, crime, sprawl, sustainable development and urban planning. Counts toward Soc/Anth Program (Urban Studies track). Units 3