Major in International and Global Studies


Cutting-edge education

The impact of global change is dramatic and far-reaching, altering the dynamics of everyday life on a planetary scale. Our major seeks to educate a new generation of experts who can assess and analyze the salient issues of worldwide transformation, including consumer capitalism, media culture, forms of communication, economic development, gender and health, migration, border wars, political violence, sustainable futures, and human security. Graduates from our four-year degree program will be prepared for careers that demand an understanding of global cultural, social, economic, and political processes.

Interdisciplinary by design

Our degree program offers an exciting range of courses from anthropology, economics, fine arts, history, international business, modern language and culture studies, political science, public policy, and sociology. This disciplinary diversity pledges not only to deliver a solid education in international studies, but also introduces students to cutting-edge knowledge and expertise in global issues and world problems that will boost career opportunities.

Program highlights and features

Students in our major are provided with multiple opportunities for innovation, creativity, and research to achieve intercultural competence and global expertise. Our faculty instructors promote these opportunities by an educational focus on the dynamic interplay of inter‐national and supra‐national processes, an approach that features an integrated analysis of globalization via the dynamics of cultural, technological, media, business, monetary, diplomatic, and information exchange. Our students’ educational achievements are further enhanced by flexible choices of specialization. Students can create personalized career portfolios by selecting a combination of world and topical specialties, modern language skills, cross‐cultural experiential learning, and advanced research opportunities.

Enhanced career opportunities

Building on our university’s technology core curriculum, the range of specialization choices allows our majors to passionately develop the expertise required for successful career options: for employment by state and federal agencies, in diplomatic or security service, private enterprise, non-government and non-profit organizations or graduate studies. Our majors are well prepared for graduate programs in fields like international law, international development, global education, administration, and public policy, or in the social sciences.


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