RIT offers an exciting and unique degree program in Sociology and Anthropology. Sociology and anthropology are disciplines dedicated to the study of human social and cultural life. While degree programs typically focus on one or the other, our program uniquely integrates the two, offering you an enhanced education incorporating the best elements of both. This combination affords a unique set of skills and fresh insights that prepare you for flexibility of perspective and teamwork in future careers.

RIT's degree program in Sociology and Anthropology is distinctive in several ways:

The Best of Both Worlds

Anthropology typically brings a global perspective by focusing on societies and culture worldwide, while sociology typically focuses on the complexities and inequalities of modern life in western societies. Anthropology's strength has been in-depth understanding of cultures through fieldwork, while sociology captures a macro perspective through large-scale survey and quantitative analysis. Through our integrated degree program, you gain the global perspective, the macro vision, and an appreciation for both rich insights and quantitative overview. You benefit from examining the common scholarly roots of sociology and anthropology, as well as their creative differences, ultimately gaining a synergistic set of perspectives and skills.

Design-Your-Own Major

After a firm grounding in the theories and research skills that characterize our disciplines, you choose a track specialization, to deepen your understanding and analysis of social and cultural complexity and diversity. You can choose to specialize in one of the disciplines (Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology, or Sociology), or you can pull together courses from those different disciplines to build expertise in different themes or topics of your choice (such as health and culture; immigration and refugees; gender and sexuality; urban studies; or war, terror, and disaster). See more about the track specialization options here

Career Orientation

Our degree prepares you for leadership roles in an increasingly diverse and global society. You gain sets of knowledge, research skills, and perspectives that enable you to pursue a wide range of career options in the United States and abroad. Our Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree is intensive and rigorous, since you take half of your undergraduate credits in the major (as compared with B.A. degrees offered at most colleges and universities, which only require one-quarter of credits to be in the major). This intensive education, the technological orientation of Rochester Institute of Technology, and our emphasis on hands-on learning give you a competitive advantage in the workplace. See more on Careers Opportunities here.

Hands-on Learning

Hands-on, experiential learning is central to RIT's mission. You extend your learning through practical experiences outside of the classroom. Through internship in an agency, co-operative education working for a company, studying abroad, participating in an archaeological or ethnographic field school, or working with a faculty member on a grant-funded project, you refine your skills, gain cultural immersion, explore career opportunities, meet influential people, and build a résumé that sets you apart from the crowd.

Research Skills and Opportunities

The technological and practical orientation of the university shapes the Sociology and Anthropology degree, as well. In our degree, you gain skills in both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. You can supplement these with other technical courses offered through one of the university's nine colleges (such as courses in geographic information systems, mapping, web design, graphic design, grant writing, museum display, or international business). Our faculty members are very active in research, and you can participate in cultural and social research studies with a faculty member, test ideas in the archaeological or the field linguistics laboratories, participate in archaeological or linguistic fieldwork, and in your senior year, you design a sociological or anthropological study of your own. At RIT, you don't just think about sociology and anthropology---you actually do them.

Double Majors

The flexibility of our curriculum makes it easy to combine with another major. You create a résumé of distinction by fashioning a unique portfolio of analytical skills, technical skills, perspectives, and sets of knowledge. What unique combination do you imagine for yourself? It's easier to do a double major than you might think! Just drop by and ask us or send an email.

What questions can we answer for you? Click here to email the Director of the Sociology & Anthropology Program.

Dr. Christine Kray
Assoc. Professor of Anthropology

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