Job Title: 
Professor of Anthropology and Department Chair
3149 Eastman Hall
(585) 475-4389


Ph.D. Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley, 1986
M.A. Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley, 1981
B.A. Anthropology and Sociology, Macalester College, St. Paul, 1979


My scholarly research and writing is centered on the cultural politics of nationhood in Europe, with particular attention to practices of inhumanity. Corresponding areas of specialization include the political anthropology of the body, racial formations, regimes of exclusion, violence and genocide, the politics of memory and suffering, and human rights.

With a focus on the conditions of global capitalism, my research my research brings to light how national sovereignties produce borders, subjects, and militarized geographies by a reliance on imaginaries of otherness and difference. My work investigates the accompanying politics of gender, race, sexuality, and space, and the specific forms of violence (physical, symbolic, judicial) that are thereby produced and sustained. Based on extensive fieldwork in Europe, with long term projects in Germany, my goal has been to develop an innovative analytic approach to the articulations of modern governmentality, fields of power, hegemonies of media and visual culture, the normalization of racial aesthetics and violence, and cultural practices of exclusion.

I have written extensively on violence, genocide, and social suffering. My major publications include the following books: Cultures of Fear: A Critical Reader (as co-editor); German Bodies: Race and Representation After Hitler; Blood and Nation: The European Aesthetics of Race; and Denying Biology (as coeditor). I have published dozens of essays and articles that appeared in edited volumes and scholarly journals, including Comparative Studies in Society and History, Journal of Anthropological Theory, Anthropology Today, American Anthropologist, History and Anthropology, Transforming Anthropology, and New German Critique.

Among my recent works are ‘Gendering Europe-Europeanizing Gender’ in The Handbook of Postwar European History (Oxford University Press 2010), ‘The Limits of Empathy’ in Genocide (Duke University Press 2009), and ‘Contact Zones: Rethinking the Sensual Life of the State’ (Anthropological Theory 2006). In a related book manuscript in preparation, I take a look at the social worlds of racialization and the sensual life of the state in an attempt to rethink the operation of the political apparatus through the memory of the senses. My current projects include an exploration of European border militarism and black masculinities, forthcoming in Europe in Black and White (Intellect, 2010).

In addition to national and international speaking engagements, I have held faculty positions at the University of Toronto (Canada), the Central European University in Budapest (Hungary), Rutgers University (USA), and the University of Tuebingen (Germany). My research has been made possible by various fellowships and grants, including a Regents Fellowship (UC Berkeley), a Phi Beta Kappa graduate scholarship, the Social Science Research Council (Berlin program), the National Science Foundation, and support from the Harry Frank F. Guggenheim Foundation.



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