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Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Sociology and Anthropology BS

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology offers an exciting and unique degree program in Sociology and Anthropology. Our majors choose a specialization in Sociology, Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology, or Urban Studies.

Sociology and Anthropology are disciplines dedicated to the study of human social and cultural life. While degree programs typically focus on one or the other, our program uniquely integrates the two, offering to students an enhanced education incorporating the best elements of both. This combination affords a unique set of skills and fresh insights that prepare students for a flexibility of perspective and teamwork in future careers.

Anthropology typically brings a global perspective by focusing on societies and culture worldwide, while sociology typically focuses on the complexities and inequalities of modern life in western societies. Anthropology's strength has been in-depth understanding of cultures through fieldwork, while sociology captures a macro perspective through large-scale survey and quantitative analysis. Graduates of our degree program gain the global perspective, the macro vision, and the appreciation for both rich insights and quantitative overview afforded by the combination of these disciplines.

Today’s global society requires students to develop competency in understanding and appreciating social and cultural complexity and diversity. Through exposure to a wide range of theoretical perspectives and research skills, as well as an integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum, students in the Sociology and Anthropology degree are provided with the strong foundation necessary to pursue a wide range of career options both in the United States and abroad.

RIT’s program is unique in a number of important ways:

It's easier to do a double major than you might think! Just drop by and ask us or send an email.