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Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Sociology and Anthropology BS - Requirements

The Sociology and Anthropology degree has the following requirements.

  1. Program Core Introductory Courses (Choose two; 1 SOCI & 1 ANTH)
    • ANTH-102 Cultural Anthropology
    • ANTH-103 Archaeology and the Human Past
    • SOCI-102 Foundations of Sociology
    • SOCI-103 Urban Experience
  2. Program Core Courses
    • ANTH/SOCI-201 Writing about Society and Culture (WI)
    • ANTH/SOCI-301 Social and Cultural Theory
    • ANTH/SOCI-302 Qualitative Research
    • ANTH/SOCI-303 Quantitative Research
  3. Track Courses
    • Students will complete nine courses (27 semester credits) in the area of specialization of their choice: Urban Studies, Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, or Archaeology. The tracks are described in the Areas of Specialization.
  4. Experiential Education (Choose one)
    • ANTH/SOCI-498 Practicum (Can be fulfilled through internship, study abroad, or archaeological or ethnographic field school.)
    • ANTH/SOCI-499 Co-op
    • Please consult with the Program Coordinator or your faculty advisor about your opportunities for study abroad, internship, co-op, and field schools.
  5. Senior Thesis (Choose one set)
    • Set A:
      • ANTH/SOCI-501 Senior Research Project
      • ANTH/SOCI-xxx Program Elective
    • Set B:
      • ANTH/SOCI-502 Scholarís Thesis I
      • ANTH/SOCI-503 Scholarís Thesis II
    • In your senior year, you choose the type of research project that best suits your goals. The Senior Research Project is a library-based research project that you complete in one semester. Students heading to graduate school are encouraged to choose the two-semester Scholar's Thesis I & II sequence. In the first semester, you design your own independent research project and collect the data, and in the second semester, you analyze the data and write up your research for a scholarly audience. Please talk with your faculty advisor and the program coordinator about who would be the best faculty mentor for your project.
  6. Program Elective (any ANTH or SOCI course)
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