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Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Kijana Crawford

faculty photoAssociate Professor of Sociology


Ed.D. University of Rochester, 1998
M.A. University of Rochester, 1995
MSW Atlanta University, 1973
B.A. Tougaloo College, 1970


Mentoring in Career Choice and Development
Race, Class and Gender



2009 A New Age: Readings and Studies on Race, Gender and Class Using the Sociological Imagination. Kendall/Hunt Publisher.

2007 Sociology: An Anthology for Leaders. Kendall/Hunt Publisher.


2008 Glass Ceiling. In: Encyclopedia of Social Problems. Vincent N. Parrillo, ed. London: Sage.

2007 (with Danielle Taana Smith) Climbing the Ivory Tower: Recommendations for Mentoring African American Women in Higher Education. Race, Gender & Class 14 (1-2): 253-265.

2005 (with Danielle Smith) The We and the Us: Mentoring African American Women. Journal of Black Studies 35: 52-67.


Teaching Philosophy

Students learn in diverse and wondrous ways, including some that don’t require an instructor or a classroom. I push students to think critically, stretch their imaginations, and embrace the spirit of intellectual exploration. Education in my classroom is built on the principle that excellence requires freedom. Students who love what they learn become deeply invested in their academic studies. I use my skills and intellect to nurture those investments.