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Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Innovation Projects - Curriculum

2007 Anti-War Propaganda Poster - War invades a Child's dreamworld. Drawing by Kacie Desmond
The perpetual formation of new military conflicts and regimes of warfare, the increasing magnitude of acts of terror and counter terror, and the growing intensity of political, ethnic, and social violence across the globe make it critically imperative that college classrooms provide teaching strategies that enable students to analytically engage the contemporary realities of war and terror with a judicious and humanistic approach.

In a multi-year project, Danielle Taana Smith and Uli Linke designed new courses, syllabi, and multi-week teaching modules to encourage student understanding of the human experiences, historical contexts, and social dimensions of violence and war. Their vision for teaching includes a mix of educational techniques based on a combination of readings, exercises, and films that allows students to arrive at an informed assessment about the ways in which cultural, ethnic, and gender differences are played out in global arenas of war and terror. The intensification of political violence worldwide makes this an increasingly important endeavor.

Building on research for course projects, students created works of art, essays, and poems as a means of creatively expressing their feelings and reflections about war and terror. Selected individual literary and artistic works are posted in an online exhibit to be shared by a larger audience.

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